You Deserve Justice And Compensation

Providing You With Full Representation Through Every Step Of Your Recovery

Immediately after getting injured, victims are met with unexpected and life changing obstacles. Krahulik Injury Counsel LLC is available to help you understand and act in your best interest regarding all aspects of recovery:

  • Investigating and explaining the accident
  • Communicating with insurance companies and claims adjusters
  • Navigating medical treatment
  • Facing time off-work and loss of income
  • Managing medical bills
  • Recovering through medical treatment
  • Recognizing and resolving various liens attached to your settlement or financial recovery
  • Keeping your health benefits available after your injury and settlement

Long before any legal process starts, attorney Sam Krahulik offers to counsel victims through these trying times and help handle the decisions needed to recover from a sudden injury and the life interruption forced on their households. With our help on these tasks, we hope to allow you to spend your time and energy healing and recovering from your injuries.

Not all injury claims need to become lawsuits, but if yours does, attorney Sam will continue to aggressively represent you in court through depositions, mediation, and jury trial, until justice has been served.